Beating the Monday Blues

I woke up this morning and decided to take my own advice… and smile.

This is not my usual expression on a Monday morning, but I decided I would stick with it and see how long I could make it last. As it turned out, keeping a smile on my face was a harder job than i thought it would be. From burnt toast to traffic jams, I was lucky to get to work in one piece, let alone arrive with a smile. Yet here I am in my office writing on my daily journal, 2 cups of coffee inhaled and the remains of a half-eaten cheese roll staring at me from across my desk. It’s Monday alright!coffee

I am great believer in the theory that states “our thoughts create our actions.” – but I also understand that staying in this ‘positive’ state of mind can itself be exhausting. Have a look around the area you are right now and look at the expressions on people’s faces. Do you understand how they are feeling? Do they look happy, content or positive? Now take a look in a mirror…

Getting up every day at the same time and going through the same routine can be dull and boring. Same actions in, same results out. So tomorrow I am going to make a start on changing my daily routines. I think I will get up a half hour earlier and go for a brisk walk – who cares if it is raining? I am alive and well and here! Might as well enjoy every moment and put some variety in my life.

And ps…. I’m still smiling 🙂

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