Holding out for a ‘female’ hero !

What can I say about Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation that has not already been said?


Sure, it’s a great film, with tonnes of action and mind boggling stunts. Tom Cruise is fantastic and keeps us on the edge of our seats throughout the whole roller-coaster rise that it is Ethan Hunt. But it does make me ask one question: will there ever be a good solid ‘female’ action hero? I’m talking about a character that is here to stay, will have many adventures for years to come and has their own range of collectibles and printed lunch boxes.

Most female action figures tend to be side-kicks or passing love interests to male super heroes. Most disappear into a flood of tears or get murdered into the history books. Over the years we have watched Cat Woman purr across our screens only to disappear into oblivion. Lara Croft was exceptional (I would really love to see more of that character!) and for a while, was the fantasy focus of many a teenage boy (and his Father). The hugely successful Kill Bill films produced Uma Thurman’s amazing character, Black Mamba, but was soon done and dusted. No sequels or future adventures for that girl.Uma-Thurman

What I am looking for is a female James Bond.

full of misogynist one-liners, luxurious lifestyles and things that make us women look cool for a change. I want the men to play the dumb blond role and wake up in bed with just the faint smell of last night’s passion on their pillow… and the hotel bill.

Surely there is a female hero out there in the world of books that could make the jump to the big screen – and stay there?

Mandy x

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