I love, love, love my Sony Vaio

I have been using computers in my work since prehistoric times (in technology light years that is) and to be honest its been a bit of a love -hate relationship.  From cracking the DOS code right up to my recent first date with Windows 10 I have always thought of my computer as a only a work thing.   I have felt the full spectrum of emotions – a sense of me and my PC as a team when a big project with lots of excel stuff is finished through to wanting to knock its hard disc in when I can’t find something I saved… (erm.. I have shamelessly blamed every PC on everything that has gone wrong. It is never my fault.)

The joy of having a smartphone has lessened my dependency on the PC but I spend too much time sorting typos and layouts.  Laptops, notebooks, ipads et al  have come and gone but nothing felt right.

Then one day, across a crowded Amazon, I just knew. There it was…

I was looking for a business machine that was lightweight but powerful, portable but keeping the full range of connections .Great slimline design, Blu-ray drive, Thunderbolt connection, Easy to use  backlit keyboard and excellent battery life.The 13.3-inch screens have a really sharp picture (no dead pixels) , brilliant quality colours.

Ok so I’m infatuated… already planning trips and weekends away.

Maybe I am a wee touch shallow and just want arm candy but I genuinely think this might be ‘the one’

The Sony Vaio S Series 13P

Find your own Sony Vaio on Amazon (click here)

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