Tuesday’s Child is full of Grace

Most of my childhood memories are centered around nursery rhymes, music and laughter. I had a really good childhood with great parents and a large family to keep me entertained. Most of my friends had equally well balanced childhoods and have continued to remain close to me. We share a trust and love for each other – a trust and love that was instilled in us from our parents.

We were some of the lucky ones… but I know many people who tell a completely different story. I won’t go into details here, but its important to say just how incredible the impact of those early formative years can have on our children’s futures. As parents, what we say and do can shape their thoughts, dreams and belief patterns. Being a parent in today’s world requires us to try understand the many forces that can influence our child’s day. Some are outwith our hands, but there are so many we can control.

  • Limit their amount of television time (it’s mostly junk anyway)
  • Encourage reading (read to your kids every day)
  • Fill your fridge with healthy choices (if the junk is not there, they cant eat it)
  • Teach them to respect their friends, family and possessions
  • Play games with them that encourage them to think (chess, monopoly, scrabble..)
  • Watch your language ! Children repeat what they hear
  • Check out this link to board games on Amazon

If you have children, make time for them. It’s too easy to get caught up in the momentum that comes with everyday life. Children need as much attention as you can give them..and some! So diary in some quality time to spend with your kids. It will contribute much more to their futures than a legacy of stress and distress.

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