Reality-TV-StarOk.. so most people justify watching Celebrity Big Brother because it is so cringe-making and LOL funny. Where else could you see such a diverse group of people of all age groups, mental states, talent levels and IQ behave so badly and get paid for it? The only thing they have in common is that they are known to the public in some way. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to be part of a reality show in order to boost your income or you profile but OMG if this was happening at your local care home/mental health facility someone in charge would be getting their P45.

I suppose agreeing to appear in the first place must demonstrate a wee bit of self delusion.  How can any of them hope to be taken seriously after allowing themselves to be part of yet another televised social experiment that only serves to make the rest of us feel ever-so slightly superior. Its like tittering behind the back of some poor sod’s misfortune when they trip or get caught with their fly open or their skirt trapped in their knicker elastic.

As a species we have always laughed at ourselves and at each other (mainly each other) but reality TV has taken it all to a whole new level.rylan

I’m totally loving the gorgeous Emma Willis and the equally gorgeous Rylan Clark as presenters. Rylan has totally come on as a presenter. Alan Carr, Graham Norton and Jonathon Ross better watch out!!. Rylan has come from being so cheesy when he was in CBB to becoming a really good interviewer. He always gives the impression he has really connected with the audience and the guests. Emma seems genuinely concerned about the celebrities and gets great comments from them when they come out of the CBB house.



Emma and Rylan give the show some heart and soul. They are both good at reminding us that these are real people and after all its only a game. So CBB 2015 has to be watched through your fingers while covering your eyes cos its so cringe worthy but…

Can’t wait for the next live streaming…xx

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