Choosing the best fake tan product for your skin type

Choosing the best fake tan product for your skin type

Creams & Lotions
2% DHA is best used as a gradual tanner for use every other day or as a tan extender to be used to make your tan last longer.
4% DHA will develop to a natural golden glow and can be used regularly. Best for fair skins

Creams, Lotions & Liquids

6% DHA is perfect for the very fair skinned clients, or those with very dry or aged skin or fading problems; also those who are extremely sensitive to sun, as well as the client who prefers a lighter softer touch of color. This is also a recommended product for a mid-week touch-up application if needed. Sensitive skin type 1 (light hair, fair skin and freckles usually burns in sun).

8% DHA is for the average client. It creates a nice medium tan depth, with optimal fading, without creating the “over baked effect”. The appropriate solution for light to medium skin tones, though it can also be applied thinner for your fairest clients. 8% DHA is versatile for a wide range of skin types. Sensitive to medium skin type 1-2 (who will tan very little in sun but burns very easily, light hair, fair skin)

10% DHA is the “enhanced” version of 8% product, just slightly darker. Appropriate for all medium skinned clients and ever some of your darker skinned clients. This is a superior mid-level product, for the client who requires more depth of colour, without sacrificing smooth fade-off. It is great for people who burn moderately but tan gradually and achieve medium tan in the sun; most skin type 2, 3 and 4 will achieve beautiful tan with 10%

12% & 14% DHA are perfect for the client with darker skin tones, or darker skin colouration from a UV based tan. This product is an intense product, for creating lots of deep colour, but it may not fade as smoothly on the fairest skin types. Use caution on hands and feet and dry skin areas. This is good for skin type 5 and 6 who minimally burns in sun and tans deeply.

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