The most important thing about your student ID…

IT’s the start of a new term for many students and that means one very important thing in shopping terms:



When I was at university I never went to the bother of getting an NUS card or any other type of card. However I was aware of a few shops that were particularly good for flashing your university IDĀ card and getting a fair discount off.

First up we have New Look which gives a pretty good 10% off when you show your card. It’s great if you are picking up those essentials that you need.

Next up we have Topshop which I was fond of when I was at university. Topshop has a great make-up range right now and I adore their denim range of clothes.

There are many other shops that take a student ID card (I will add more to this page) but remember – never beĀ embarrassed to ask for student discount as it could save you a lot of money over time!


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