Natural Look v Make Up – Article 1

What if?

Mark Anthony had said to Cleopatra, “You look better without make-up love!

Cleopatra VII of Egypt has inspired generations of admirers and enemies since she took her own life in 30 BC. The story has it that she was a great beauty and a formidable woman and it is now almost impossible to separate the woman from the myth. In many ways she embodies the way many famous women present themselves today. Imagine the number of followers she would have on Twitter and how she would have dealt with trolls! 

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the 1963 film “Cleopatra

One of the most striking things about how Cleopatra is portrayed is how she used make up to enhance her looks and give her a commanding presence. Indeed, those eyebrows could have their own following on social media. She had many lovers, including Mark Anthony and was renowned for her sexual allure. She lived over 2000 years ago but she understood the power of creating her very own persona.I am sure she had her off days when she could only be bothered with a ‘slick of lip colour’ but she was a girl who knew that she had to look the part to be the part.

Nowadays, the debate about looking natural versus using make up continues. Many articles are written about how guys really think their girls look better without make up. The truth is that guys who say this are mostly telling lies or they just don’t get it.

As with clothes, hairstyles or make up girls do it for themselves. If girls think make up makes them look better then they will feel better about themselves and that can only be a good thing. Make up can now be very versatile. To paraphrase Dolly Parton ‘it can take whole lotta money spent on make up to look this natural’.

So….What if Mark Anthony had told Cleopatra looked better without the ‘slap’. My guess is he would not have dared to voice his opinion. 

Anyway, today it’s more likely that a guy’s make up bag will be nearly as full as his girlfriends.

Anne 🙂

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